Joe Sertich

Joe Sertich

Joe Sertich, like most kids growing up, was fascinated by dinosaurs. Most of us, however, move on from that phase.

Not Sertich.

“I’ve always been a dinosaur nerd,” he said. “I’m interested in lots of things, but I guess I never really grew out of my fascination for dinosaurs.”

Sertich turned his dino-love into a career as the curator of dinosaurs at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. A rare triple-major graduate of CSU (B.S., Zoology; B.S., Biology; B.S., Geosciences ’04), he is considered one of the top paleontologists in the world.

His work takes him all over the globe and throughout the western U.S. in search of the next great find. And sometimes he lucks out and gets to work closer to home.

That was the case last summer when construction workers in Thornton, Colorado, uncovered some large bones they thought could be fossils. Sertich was called in and – sure enough – it was a triceratops.