Connie Dohn

Connie Dohn took a non-traditional route to earning her degree from CSU.

“Some people are on a tenure plan,” she said with a laugh. “I was on the 10-year plan.”

After attending college for a couple of years starting in 1972 (at a certain school northwest of Denver), she moved to Fort Collins, worked in a local restaurant, married a guy she met in junior high and started taking classes at CSU – even changing majors from biology to business. She finally got her diploma in 1982, graduating with a B.S. in accounting.

And then, something memorable happened.

“Our life really started changing for the better when I got my degree,” she said. “We really got to see what opportunities an education can open up for you.”

Connie was working as an accountant, and her husband, Doug, worked in construction. Ten years later, they launched Dohn Construction – with Doug running the construction side and Connie the business side – and the rest is history.

The family business started out small, doing about $5 million annually. Today they do $65 million annually in construction projects in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. Among their many familiar projects are Rockwell West, numerous revitalized residence halls on campus and several student apartment complexes in Fort Collins.

The Dohns have always loved sports – Connie’s grandfather played football at Notre Dame for legendary coach Knute Rockne – and they are enthusiastic and generous supporters of CSU athletics.

“Athletics is the front porch of the university, and we like to support that idea,” Connie said. “We believe that we get something back when we give, and CSU certainly has given back to us.”